The stitch-bonded, multi-axial construction of V2’s non-crimp fabrics prevent the degradation of fiber strength, providing superior structural integrity and longer-lasting performance. Straight line construction promotes higher tensile strength, maintains the fabric’s structural integrity, preserves its mechanical qualities (such as drape or stiffness), reduces lay-up time (faster wet-out) and cost (higher fiber volumes).

Additional features of non-crimp fabrics include:

  • Stronger, structurally efficient fabrics
  • Improved mechanical properties
  • Preserved mechanical qualities, such as drape and density
  • Long-term fatigue resistance
  • Outstanding flexural strength
  • Greater impact resistance
  • High stiffness-to-thickness ratio
  • High fiber volume
  • Predictable laminate properties
Non-Crimp Fabric Architecture PDF

Non-Crimp Fabric Architecture

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