We'll never force a solution: If the FRP system you're currently using is ideal for your product, we'll be the first to tell you. But if we see an opportunity to create a customized reinforcement fabric that will save weight, increase strength or lower overall costs, we'll share those recommendations with you too.

We over communicate with our customers: Our greatest strength is our commitment to customer service. We prefer to over communicate – even the smallest details – to ensure you know what you're getting and when you're getting it. Once the product is manufactured, we coordinate transportation, track the shipment the entire way and confirm it arrived in your hands in good shape.

We create relationships: We value your business and partnership. We make it a priority to understand your unique needs before recommending solutions and are completely willing to venture "outside of the box" to create a composite reinforcement system exactly to your specifications.

We value your feedback: At the end of each year, we reach out to you to solicit your feedback. The only way we can improve our processes, products and services is to listen to those who are directly impacted by what we do.